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Family Heritage Session

When Steve called me in spring, he told me that he wanted to have a session for him and his wife. He said that he wanted to document their love for one another with images that their children could look at to remember them once they were gone. Understanding that after 51 years of marriage, they were still dearly in love and wanting to create keepsakes for their children, I asked Steve if he wanted to create an album... and that is how their legacy album journey began. We decided to hold two sessions, one in spring, and one in early summer in hopes that we could also capture some of their lovely peonies in the later session. The peonies on their property are somewhat of a family heirloom in themselves. The home that they reside in on Lake Beulah has been in the family for generations. The peonies are subjects of a few paintings that were done by their grandmother which are hanging on the walls in their foyer. So, not only are they a beautiful flower, they would be a sentimental part of any portrait session at their home so of course, we wanted to include them.

Sandy was treated to two makeover sessions with Alison of BeYoutiful by Alison. She looked so radiant on both of her session dates and truly enjoyed the pampering. We spent so much time together not only during their sessions but in between creating a legacy album for their family that I feel like we are now family too.

You aren't just a photographer, you're an artist. These are more than just portraits. They're art!" - Steve

Steve and Sandy also decided that they wanted to have a portrait created to replace one of the paintings in their foyer. They decided that a painted portrait would look best with the existing artwork that they had already hung in their home. I couldn't agree more. They selected a portrait from their second session to use as their painted portrait and were able to provide approval before progressing each step of the way.

I love how all of the images from their sessions turned out and their legacy album as well. When Sandy saw it she teared up. I have to say, I don't enjoy making people cry unless they're tears of joy. These were happy tears. Steve was so pleased he said, " You didn't just hit a home run, you knocked it out of the park!"

Knowing that I am able to help families share their legacy with their children brings me immense joy. This is the reason that creating family portraits, personal portraits, or intimate portraits of you and your spouse are so important. They are your legacy... they are what your children will look for once you're gone.

You deserve to be remembered with the same amount of care and tenderness that you'll see portrayed in the following spreads.

Have you thought about what your children will find when they go looking for portraits of your life?

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