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Painted Portraits

We can turn any image into a custom-painted work of art, or we can get really creative and collaborate on the concept piece of your dreams. If you've got big aspirations, let's make them happen.


  • If it's your goal to create a painted portrait for your home, we will work together to come up with the concept for your painting at your consultation.  Then we will photograph you and/or your loved ones to get the images we need for this completely unique piece.


  • If we've already had your session and you decide at your ordering appointment to turn your favorite image into a custom-painted work of art, we will work from the image that you've selected.


  • If you already have a photograph that you treasure and would like to turn it into a painted work of art, we can work with your image as well.  

Painted portraits are digitally painted by Tiffany Kells. With each digital brushstroke, your painting comes to life. Once it is ready for proofing, you will get the opportunity to say, "Yes, I love it!!!" or, "I love it, but, would you please change... [the thing that needs changing] ?". If changes are requested, we'll go through the proofing process again until you say, "That is perfect, I love it!".  Your painted portrait is then either printed on Deckled Fine Art Paper and matted, or it is turned into a canvas.  You will love the look of your finished painted portrait hanging on the wall of your home.

Painted Portrait

Canvas Art

As an artist myself, the back of the canvas and the material used in its construction is as important to me as the image that is printed on them. After weeding through the work of many highly ranked professional print labs, I finally found a canvas that looks and feels like you're holding a true work of art. The back of the canvas is as beautiful as the front. You have to see it in person!


Not only is the canvas gorgeous to behold, it is also sealed so well that you can clean your canvas with Windex and a soft cloth. As a mom of once-tiny humans and a few very large pets, I can attest that sometimes, life happens! You need to wash not only the walls but the art on the walls without worrying that you're going to rub off the image. I've ruined my share of artwork trying to get nearly glued on schmutz off of the artwork. I can honestly say, these canvases are created to last for generations and clean up with ease.


Your artwork will come gallery wrapped. Gallery wrapping extends the image over the edge and doesn't need a frame to be hung. 

Canvas Art

Deckled Edge Fine Art Print

Your artwork is printed on fine art paper that has a hand-torn edge that gives it the look of fine art. Our paper is 100% cotton rag paper, which will help it to age gracefully without yellowing or discoloring. It comes matted so that you can easily frame it without worrying that you may damage it.


Printed artworks should be either matted prior to framing, or framed professionally so that the image doesn't rest up against the glass on the frame. Because of this, we like to make it easy for you and provide them matted. 

Fine Art Prints
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