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Ladies Night In

Let's have some fun.


a curated event for you and your best girlfriends

Have something to celebrate and want to feel wild and free, but also want to go to bed early and not feel like crap the next day because you're a grown-ass woman? (I feel you sister)  Gather  3-6 of your best friends and celebrate with Ladies Night In.

It's like a sleepover, without the sleep, or the over... Also, without the hassle of cleanup or preparation. Just pack a small "overnight" bag with your sexiest lingerie, accessories, and perhaps some snacks, your favorite beverage, and boom, you're ready.

We'll play the music that will get you energized,  just let us know what you love. You can choose to be fully pampered by our makeup artist or come ready to go.  There will be a station set up for you to touch up your hair or give yourself a "just got out of bed" look (wink wink).  We'll also have an onsite lingerie shop if you'd like something new to wear.  

Have some special ideas or want to change up a few things?

No problem, we do custom too. 


Sounds fun, But I bet you want to justify doing this don't you?

Here are a few of my favorite reasons...

  • Because today, you'll do what you want, and you want this.

  • Because taking care of everyone but yourself is actually sucking your will to live, and you need this.

  • Because you woke up today (yay, the alternative is awful).

  • Because you need to get out of the house.

  • Because you cannot survive on coffee alone.

  • Because you don't see your friends enough.

  • Because you are sexy but, have forgotten you're sexy.

  • and my mom's favorite, "Because I said so."


you're in!

Now what?

You have options friend.

 Bigger is Better Package 

$500 per person

Includes 4 hours of studio time

 Boudoir portraits for a maximum of 6 women 

Complimentary makeup artist

Hair touch-up  

Onsite lingerie store 

Access to client closet

Personalized in-person reveal & ordering session

Little Black Book (gift album) with 10 images.

Threesome Package

$300 Per Person

Includes 3 hours of studio time

 Boudoir portraits for a maximum of 3 women

Complimentary makeup artist

Hair touch-up  

Onsite Lingerie Store

Access to client closet  

Personalized in-person reveal & ordering session.

Something Custom

Want something offsite or at a place you're renting?

Want to add on additional artwork? 

Want all of your digitals included? 

Want to have your hair & makeup done?

Want me to shop for you?  

Want to have food and drinks available?

Want different options for each person?

We can create something that will suit your needs,

"Just tell me what you want, what you really, really want!"

(bonus points if you just sang that!) 

*Sales Tax is additional and added to the invoice.

let's plan this!

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