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Back to the 90's Bar Crawl

Sometimes the universe suggests that you should do something to help out a good cause. I experienced this first hand. I was interested in attending the Back to the 90's Bar Crawl held by Bella Vue Events to benefit the Wisconsin Humane Society. Having had many rescued pets in the past and being an avid dog lover (you may not know this, but I have a Great Dane named Emma), I figured that this would be a good event to go to. My husband and I planned a date night to get dressed in our finest 90's gear and go party like it was 1990. Having lived through the original side pony tails, wind-suit, Cross Colors, grunge Nirvana look a like, one suspender overall wearing decade... I thought, who wouldn't want to bring it back for a night?! So, it was very fortuitous to see that Bella Vue Events was searching for a photographer to capture the shenanigans from that evening. I of course, volunteered my services to help out a good cause and enlisted my trusty husband to come be my assistant & lighting man for the evening.

I really loved seeing the Brittany Spears / Justin Timberlake denim from head to toe look on one inspired couple and all (and I mean ALL) of the fanny packs that were sported that evening. It was so much fun.

There were so many wonderful establishments that took part of the bar crawl that we couldn't make it to (and still responsibly drive home at a reasonable hour because - well... my hubby and I are not 21 anymore). The places we did get to visit (and I highly recommend you check them out too) were 5Points Brew & Sweets, People's Park, Crush Wine Bar, Donnie Boy's Tap, and Magellan's On Main Street.

Here are a few of the fun people we met that night

To see more images from this fun event go to the album CLICK HERE


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