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Who are you on the inside?

I recently did a portrait session with a beautiful 65-year-old woman who told me how nervous she was to have her portraits taken. She needed a new headshot for business purposes. She wanted a portrait that reflected how she thinks she looks. She told me that she hasn't had a portrait done in a long time because she has never liked how she looks in photos. She essentially said that she felt that the portraits she had created never look like her. I asked her what she was focusing on that she didn't like, and/or what made her feel that way about her previous portraits. She thought about it for a minute and said that she views herself as a happy person, but somehow the headshots she's received previously didn't reflect that.

I reassured her that I would work really hard to get portraits that she will like and that I'd let her see the images we were getting on the camera as we were going along.

When you share what you want to see in your portraits, we can address your desires and insecurities to get not only the portraits that you need but portraits that you love.

I have to admit, I've been in this position myself. I have looked at photos of myself and thought, "ugh. That is not how I actually look, is it?" I cannot see my face as I walk about in the world, but I imagine it looks like what I see when I'm getting ready in the mirror in the morning. But truth be told, I hold myself differently when I can see my reflection; I smile more. I don't like that my resting face looks mad, sad, or just plain unapproachable. I too want images that reflect how I see myself.

It's ok to be a little vulnerable with your photographer and share what you'd really love to see in your portraits. When you do, you just may be pleasantly surprised how well your portraits turn out.

What can we create for you today?

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