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Because Quality Printing Matters...

I had a client reach out to me this week who received images from a high-volume consumer print retailer. She was so upset by the quality that she received, that she reached out to me for help. I asked that she stop by the studio to show me what she received. We compared her prints to the original digital images that she received. The difference is obvious.


I scanned in her consumer quality print to do a side-by-side comparison ...

Yes, it really does look that bad in person.


Why print through me vs. getting a local consumer print?

  • Quality control. I calibrate my monitor to achieve the most accurate color representations, and also to match my printer's machinery. What's that matter? It means that what you see on the monitor here, is what will be reproduced.

  • IF for some reason, the coloring arrives and it is off. I will replace it for you at no charge. I have only had to replace one client's image ever due to a mistake on my part, but I am willing to own my mistakes and make them right.

  • Images are meant to be printed. You may get copies of your digital images for archiving purposes and to share socially. Though please note, In most cases, even your home monitors are not calibrated to represent colors accurately, so when you view your digital images at home, they may not be the truest representation of your image.

You always have the option to buy the digital and print the images wherever you like. I know that sometimes cost vs. quality is a major consideration in why people want to do this. Just please know, if you're a "quality trumps all" kind of person... allow me to print your images so that you can get the best image possible.

NOTE: When the new prints arrive, I will take side-by-side photos to show you the difference in the quality of the prints and post an update.

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