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Boudoir Portraits?

How many times have you looked at an image of a beautiful woman in a sexy pose and wanted to have something like that created for yourself, only to immediately stop and think

OH wait, no, nope, not till I lose weight.

Gosh, that was something I should have done when I was in my [Insert whatever decade of your life here]. It's not something I could get away with now.

I'm not that self-centered.

...I don't have anyone to give them to.

Can I tell you a secret?

These excuses are all made-up reasons to avoid doing something

that is going to make you feel vulnerable.

There is NO reason why you cannot have beautiful portraits of yourself right now.

You do not need to lose weight.

You are the youngest age you'll ever be again, YOU STILL EXUDE SEXINESS

Having a desire to feel desirable, does not make you self-centered...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing something just for yourself (even if you have someone to share the images with.)

Confidence is sexy!

Have you ever heard the phrase, Confidence is sexy? Do you believe that when someone looks good that they feel good too? So why wouldn't you want to look good in portraits of yourself? Why wouldn't you want to look like the confident, sexy, strong, powerful woman that you are?

What are you waiting for?


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