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Heritage Hunting Session

Hunting is a sport that has been passed down as a tradition from generation to generation. This family is no exception. More than the love of the hunt, these gentlemen enjoy the camaraderie that they share out in the field and in their stands. Hunting gives them time to be with each other and bond and share the respect and love of nature while also being able to provide sustenance for their family.

These portraits are especially meaningful to Bruce and Matt as Mick is entering his senior year in high school and will be moving away and embarking on the start of his adult life very soon. While the session was posed and they weren't actually hunting while the session was taking place, we wanted to clearly show the love and the bonds that these three have. We chose the Vernon Marsh Wildlife Area in Mukwonago as our backdrop at sunrise because the horizon is vast and open and creates a stunning backdrop for this session.

Their portraits turned out amazing. Bruce commented, "You're the only one that can actually take good photos of me! They all look so nice!" I love that he loves them, and I was excited to get them printed out. I actually have a few of these as a samples in my studio, one of which is a 20x30 framed canvas. It is gorgeous and built to last generations and withstand splashes and dirt, and can be washed with Windex!

If you share the love of hunting with your family, or have other passions you would like to remember in portraits contact me today to plan your session.

Life moves by too fast and too many get to the end with wishes and regrets. Celebrate your {life, family, passions, loves} now.

See more images of this session in this video:

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