I get it from my mama!

It's so important to know your heritage, and what has been passed down to you through your mother.

I was inspired by my own family... as a kid I loved trying to figure out who I looked like even though I didn't look like just one of my parents... I look more like a mash-up of my mom and dad. It's easy to see that my mother looks just like her mom. When my son was born, he looked just like me at the same age.  

In June I offered a very special family heritage "I get it from my mama" portrait session to a lucky mother-daughter duo who demonstrate just how much is passed down not only in looks but in personality. 

Tiffany and her daughter Kayleigh share not only their looks but their love of basketball and kind personalities. I went to their home in Oconomowoc to do their portrait session. The sun was just going down past the treeline and the light was beautiful. We had a fantastic time posing and playing. I love to photograph families, but especially love capturing the candid playful images.

You deserve to celebrate your family and your heritage.

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