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Tiffani Humphrey - Headshots

Tiffani Humphrey came to me looking to get headshot images for business and personal branding purposes. She had recently worked with me to update their family portraits and get a modeling headshot for her son. I absolutely love working with her. Not only is she beautiful with a quick smile, she also inspires me on many levels every day.

Tiffani Humphrey Smiling Woman Headshot Tiffany Kells Photography

Tiffani recently "retired" from a career in teaching to stay home with her 3 children and husband and to dedicate her full attention to her new business venture as a SeneGence distributor. If you've ever run into her in public, you'll know that she is always carrying a tote full of glamour makeup and will be more than happy to tell you about all her wonderful products. She will wow you with the wonders of Lipsense lip colors and let you sample them to find your perfect shade. If you haven't heard of it, I can attest that it is amazing and you should check it out! (Click here to Shop or Learn more about Lipsense)

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Headshots Tiffany Kells Photography Smiling Woman
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